The Holistic Approach looks beyond the immediate symptom to the deeper cause, our emphasis is on prevention, maintenance & longevity


Massage is one of the most effective healing arts. Gentle massage affects the nervous system through nerve endings in the skin, stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals, to help induce relaxation and a sense of well-being, to relieve pain and reduce levels of stress chemicals. It helps reverse the damaging effects of stress by slowing heart rate, respiration and metabolism and lowering raised blood pressure.

Stronger massage stimulates blood circulation to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues and helps the lymphatic system to flush away waste products. It eases tense, knotted muscles and stiff joints, improving mobility and flexibility. Its many benefits include deep relaxation, improved circulation and postural awareness.

The Holistic Approach offers:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Transforming Touch Massage
  • Thai Massage

Each form of massage is unique; they all involve the amazing healing power of touch. You will want to use these differences to suit your specific needs at different times.

Aromatherapy massage is a gentle treatment using plant oils together with massage, a powerful, soothing way to support the body on many levels, wonderful for reducing the negative effects of stress.

Thai massage is a combination of yoga, massage and acupressure techniques. It is performed on floor mats with the patient fully clothed. The recipient will experience a deep sense of calm, improved flexibility followed by renewed energy and vitality.

Swedish massage can be performed as a whole body treatment or to target specific areas of tension, it is an invigorating and rejuvenating treatment ideally suited to more physical ailments.

Transforming Touch massage Works on body mind and spirit. This beautiful treatment takes relaxation to a new level. Transforming touch is ideal for everyone, it is gentle yet deep, soothing yet re charging.

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Reflexology involves the gentle manipulation of the feet or hands to stimulate the body’s own healing process. You do not have to be unwell to enjoy Reflexology. It is a beneficial treatment that can be used on any person, old or young, male or female. It is wonderfully effective during pregnancy and for the health of children and babies. Each pressure and reflex point is directly linked to the relative parts and organs of the body.

 When applying pressure to specific points, blockages and toxins are released improving the function of the major body systems, enhancing overall health and well-being.

Reflexology helps maintain good health and can help many conditions, some are listed below.

  • Constipation
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Digestive Problems
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Menstrual
  • Migraine
  • Skeletal Problems

As well as combating stress, reflexology has been found to have psychological benefits such as improving self confidence and helping to increase your ability to focus and concentrate.

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Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy” Reiki is a hands on healing art where energy is channeled through the hands of the therapist directly to the client. Reiki activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself, releasing blocked energies, clearing the body of toxins and working to create a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony.

Reiki is effective for:

  • Managing stress and tension
  • Support during times of crisis & depression
  • Helping with Illness & bereavement
  • Speeding recovery after surgery and injury
  • Supporting conventional medicine
  • Minimising side effects
  • Replenishing and supporting carers
  • Personal growth and self-confidence
  • Promoting harmony within relationships
  • Perception of inner clarity, wisdom, and intuition

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Aromatherapy is the therapeutic inhalation and topical application of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants. These amazing plant remedies can effectively relax, balance, rejuvenate, restore and enhance body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy stimulates the immune system, strengthens resistance to disease and helps to combat infections and is especially helpful for women’s problems such as PMS and menopausal distress.

It aids digestion easing cramps, bloating and the symptoms of IBS. Aromatherapy optimizes the functioning of the respiratory system – helping with coughs, tonsillitis, and sinusitis. It eases muscular aches and pains and promotes muscle relaxation and tone. Aromatherapy can lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels and combat insomnia and other stress related disorders. It can alleviate tension headaches and helps to deal with different emotions, such as anxiety, mild depression, grief, etc.

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Animal Therapy

Animal Aromatherapy is our opportunity to give nature’s abundant array of plant medicine back to our domesticated animals.  In the wild the animal kingdom has ad-lib access to thousands of different plant species. They use these plants for there nutritional and therapeutic values to promote healing, prevent parasitic burdens, to ease gastrointestinal discomfort, combat toxicity, boost immunity and overall well being.

Animals efficiently keep themselves well with an intuitive sense of timing, self selection and self medication. Essential oils are concentrated, volatile extracts from the fruits, roots, seeds, gums and herbs of aromatic plants and trees. They are very complex, containing hundreds of different chemical constituents. It is these properties that help to restore balance and promote physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

Methods of application vary depending on the specific problem.  You will be guided through this during the consultation. Essential oils are highly volatile. Their chemical constituents are easily absorbed via the bloodstream, olfactory system or epidermis. Inhalation can be every bit as effective as taking a remedy orally or applying topically. Results and reactions are often powerful on a physical and emotional level.

As an aromatics practitioner. I am able to understand your animal’s body language and reactions.  This combined with my knowledge of plant medicine and its safe preparation is the key to this natural, non-invasive form of medicine. To achieve successful, long term results, my role is to help you to incorporate the many benefits of plant medicine into your animal’s routine.

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Herbal Remedies

Herbal medicine is the use of leaves, flowers, berries and the roots of medicinal plants to prevent, relieve and treat illness. Balancing hormone levels, lifting depression and improving the workings of the body systems are included amongst the many benefits of herbal remedies. Herbal medicine is the oldest known form of healthcare to mankind and has a great deal to offer when used to facilitate healing in chronic, ongoing problems.

Herbs have been used by all cultures throughout history; plant medications operate in basically the same manner as their pharmaceutical counterparts, which is via their chemical makeup. It is herbal medicines wholistic nature that allows them to gently yet positively effect the body without the negative side effects commonly found with pharmaceutical preparations.

Herbal medicine can also be used effectively to treat numerous ailments, such as digestive disorders, the common cold, insomnia, headaches, and a host of other problems traditionally treated by nonprescription, over-the-counter medications. Increasingly, many aspects of herbal medicine have been supported by rigorous scientific research.

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The Holistic Approach provides natural therapy to help you regain, improve and maintain your well-being.

Treatments are based on your specific needs. You can choose between…

  • Remedial Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Fertility Reflexology
  • Reiki Healing
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Nutritional Advice
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How We Work

Pricing & Appointments

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Prices quoted are for the length of your appointment. You are welcome to choose from any of our therapies or any combination of therapies during your appointment.

Your first appointment – initial assessment and treatment £55

Thereafter – 30min appointment £34,  45min appointment £42,  60min appointment £50,  90min appointment £75


Consultations cost £65 per animal plus remedies and travel expenses where necessary

Animal Aromatherapy consultations cost £65 per animal plus remedies and travel expenses where necessary

Reiki for Canines costs £42 per session in clinic or £50 plus travel expenses for home visits

Reiki & Bodywork sessions for horses costs £50 plus travel expenses where necessary

Animal Therapy The Holistic Approach

Consultations by Post

Kinesiology hair testing for people or animals is £42 plus remedies and p&p please click here for a consultation form

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