Dena has been treating me for over 10 years, her massage techniques give me much needed relief from the chronic pain I have in my arm and shoulder from a brachial plexus injury. Her treatments have improved my quality of life immensely.  Dena also gave me reflexology throughout my pregnancy which was amazing and led to the short, uncomplicated birth of my beautiful daughter. She connects with your body and feels what is needed.  Thank you Dena, you are a beautiful soul who connects with each individual that crosses your path.
the holistic approach massage testimonialEmma Brown
I have been treated for many years at The Holistic Approach by Dena. She has successfully helped me through back, neck and shoulder issues, tennis elbow, stress and ankle injuries. She has helped me both physically and emotionally. Dena is an incredible healer with natural solutions to all sorts of issues
the holistic approach massage testimonialSharon Boo
I have been seeing Dena for 5 years and can’t recommend her enough. Her treatments work miracles!
the holistic approach massage testimonialBen Konopinski
Dena has helped here at REMUS Memorial Horse Sanctuary for many years, her expertise and knowledge is phenomenal as is her compassion for, and understanding of, the animal’s needs. Dena works regularly with our horses, ponies, donkeys, goats and sheep sharing the benefits of plant medicine with them and giving them back the opportunity to self medicate. Each animal responds so well and gets so much from all that she does for them. We have seen so many changes and improvements in both their physical and emotional well-being. One of our biggest surprises has been the excitement from the sheep and goats, they absolutely love the herbs and relish the chance to select their own medicine, not to mention the fun, attention and the time spent on them as individuals. The results have been so powerful that we now passionately incorporate holistic therapies and a very holistic approach with all our work here at Remus. Thank you Dena for all that you share and all that you give.
Remus Sanctuary TestimonialSue Burton
Without the magic of Dena’s massages I would be a walking wooden doll! Her treatments ensure all the tension from my neck and shoulders is released and I can carry on as normal. Wouldn’t be without her
the holistic approach massage testimonialEmma Reese
My girls adore their treatments with Dena, I can not recommend her enough. A lovely lady who is so in tune with the horses, she really is something special xx
The Holistic Approach Animal Therapy TestimonialKaren Ballard
Dena has changed my life. Her treatments of both my horse and myself have had a huge impact on how I regard my own well-being more carefully and look after my horse’s health. Her fabulous seminars on first aid for horses with oils and herbs have given me great insight on how to prevent sickness and aid my horse’s cuts and bruises, and even psychological downs. Thank you , Dena!!!
the holistic approach massage testimonialMiriam Leach
I regularly use Dena’s services in the run up to big competitions, the horses respond so well to the use of massage, touch work, magnetic therapy and aromatics. They arrive at events calm yet energized, relaxed yet more than ready! The horses inspired me to care for my own health more holistically and as a team we have gone from strength to
The Holistic Approach Animal Therapy Horse TestimonialKeith RobertsonDressage Trainer
Dena is…. well, magic. Her human treatments are incredible and with the animals she is Intuitive, kind, and totally on their side. Dena will be treating me and my animals forever more!
the holistic approach massage testimonialClaudia Howard
Dena has real empathy with all the horses she treats. I love the way she communicates with them. Jimmy loves her. Thank you Dena.
the holistic approach massage testimonialElaine Pearce

Prices quoted are for the length of your appointment. You are welcome to choose from any of our therapies or any combination of therapies during your appointment.

Your first appointment – initial assessment and treatment £55

Thereafter –

30min appointment – £35,

45min appointment – £45,

60min appointment – £60,

90min appointment – £90

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